Saturday, August 5, 2017

New Adventure Begins



Selamat datang 2017, tahun yang penuh warna-warni bagi ku.. untuk pengetahuan semua, dah 5 tahun sy stop blogging.. 5 YEARS? can you believe it? hehe there are tons of reasons why i stop blogging.. but now i have ample of time and i want to start again my long lost hobby which is writing. 

Okay this is the summary of what happen to me during my 5 years of MIA:

- Graduated from UUM
- Working 
- Working
- Get married
- and now i've resigned and became a housewife.. hikss

I can say that these 5 years changed me.. Alhamdulillah the changes happened to me are the good ones. I've found ONE thing that made me realize why Allah create us..Syukur.

What Allah had showed me are blessing.. and for that syukur alhamdulillah.. Okay I'll write about this in other post, coz I have ample time writing now.. hehe

For now I just want to start the engine..well I've been missing for 5 years so yeah this is awkward.. haha


Okay.. till next time..


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